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Good question! Why you should do anything at all. You could just sit down and pretend to be an amoeba, or you could try to solve couple of unsolved mathematical problems. Somewhere between those two extremes is this newsletter which will collect my forays in this life - real, virtual and artificial.

Currently I develop games, machine learning systems for artificial intelligence, and virtual reality software and experiences. If you are interested in these subjects you may catch something new. Since these subjects are related to numerous other subjects, there may appear my personal views on mathematics, physics, technology, history, culture, conspiracy theories, psychology or almost anything. I am not restricted by anything, and usually study everything I find interesting or useful.

I use Unreal Engine for most of my game development, but also Unity and Godot Engine and various other tools, and sometimes reveal tricks I have found useful.

Currently my game development focus is on Planetrism, and its sister game ROT-8 Rover. Planetrism is a science fiction game about colonization of exoplanets. Please read webpage http://planetrism.com for more information. We have a separate official newsletter for the game, but I sometimes write about my personal development tasks in this newsletter, too.

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